Level Zero: No Ambulances Available

Level Zero: No Ambulances Available
The Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority Board of Directors and leadership have been working for years to effect change relating to AMR/Lifeline’s ambulance response times in our region. We have gone through the ‘right’ channels, maintained open lines of communication, attacked it legislatively, deployed Rescues, and requested an emergency Certificate of Necessity (CON – Agreement with the State to operate an ambulance transport service), to name a few, but the Department of Health Services (DHS) and the State legislature have failed to act.
We need your help. Please find below a brief history of CAFMA’s fight to improve ambulance response times in the Quad Cities and beyond, source documents, and helpful telephone, email, and social media talking points guides for contacting DHS, state legislators, and the Governor’s office.


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A Brief History of CAFMA's Efforts

Brief History of CAFMA’s Efforts

To Resolve Ambulance Transport Issues with Supporting Documents

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Dispatch Reports from July - Oct 2021

Three separate monthly reports from Prescott Dispatch detailing AMR going Level Zero

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CARTA During Training

Response Times Letter from Public

Letter of Support from a community member. (Certain information has been redacted)

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Click here for an October 8, 2021 Facebook post from San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters Local 935. In the post, Local 935 provides an update relating to ongoing ambulance response time difficulties with AMR. Included is a historical post from 2017; much like the Quad Cities, San Bernardino County has been dealing with worsening ambulance response times since long before COVID-19.


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